Endangered Wildlife


Encyclopedia Britannica, Advocacy for Animals

Plastic bags have turned out to be a menace for animals. Estimates of more than 100,000 mammals and birds animals are killed by plastic bags every year. The numbers of fish and other sea life might be in the millions. Countries around the world are taking action but many more need to get on board and take action quickly
with consumers advocates pushing for change. 





Endangered Species International

Endangered Species International’s Field report gives the devastating impacts of plastic debris on wildlife, human and environment. Their campaign aims to encourage "green behavior and responsible choices" by avoiding the use of short-lived applications of plastic.





One Green Planet

We have seen around 52 percent of the world’s wildlife disappear in the past 40 years, and if we continue to dump plastic into the world’s oceans, this number is set to increase exponentially. Although humans are to blame for plastic pollution, this means we also have the power to stop this marine destruction. Stand up for the world’s marine animals, by starting with your personal plastic consumption. Check out five ways you can help save
marine species now.




World Wildlife Federation

WWF’s work has evolved from saving species and landscapes to addressing the larger global threats and forces that impact them. Plastic pollution is one such threat and the organization provides a detailed guide of the overview and causes of the pollution. Learn about impacted species and what WWF is doing to save them by advocating to reduce pollution, inspiring local conservation and promoting sustainable living.