Plastic Pollution Coalition

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The 5 Gyres Institute

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Algalita Marine Research and Education

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EPA_logo_resized_2.jpgEPA - The Flow - Trash Free Waters newsletters


The Trash Free Waters program distributes ‘The Flow’, their electronically distributed newsletter, shared with their project partners and other interested stakeholders.  ‘The Flow’ highlights important work that is happening at the local, state, national, and international levels.  Each issue is packed with information on current activities, upcoming events, and project funding opportunities related to trash prevention and reduction.







Green Schools Alliance

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Kokua Hawai’i Foundation

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Rozalia Project

Rozalia Project has been working on the problem of marine debris since our inception in 2010. We work surface to seafloor and from multiple angles: prevention through education, remediation (cleanup), innovation and doing solutions-based research.





The Go-Go-Green Society

The 'go-go-green' society is a community based environmental NGO campaigning for a plastic free Sarawak, Malaysia.  Founded about  10 years ago, the organization conducts regular events in Kuching Shopping Malls, does presentations, school visits, arranges events and campaigns about the overuse of the plastic shopping bag. Their solution is for shoppers to Bring Your Own Bag or BYOB.  With approximately 3,000 supporters throughout the Sarawak, their goal is to see a plastic free Sarawak by 2020. Contact Ian Carter to get on his email list.