Games and Activities


Be an Ocean Guardian

In this activity book created by the NOAA Office of National Marine Sanctuaries and Marine Debris Program, children learn about the ocean and why it’s important through word searches, games, and coloring pages. They can also sign the Ocean Guardian Pledge to protect the ocean and all the creatures that live in it. For Grades K-3.





Ocean Literacy Cards -  National Marine Sanctuaries and NOAA

Learn the seven essential principles of ocean literacy with these colorful and engaging cards that can be used following the Each One, Teach One methodology.





Planet Protectors Club

Planet Protectors Club:  Downloadable activities to improve the world by making less trash.  As a Planet Protector, your mission is to improve the world around you by making less trash.  You will also help other people learn to reduce, reuse, and recycle.  From the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  For Grades K-5.  Also available in Spanish.

Case of the Broken Loop (El Caso del Ciculo Roto)
Follow That Trail! (Sique el Rasto!)
Planet Protectors Create Less Waste in the First Place (Los Protectores del Planeta Generan Menos)
Trash and Climate Change (La Basura y Cambio del Clima)





Pollution Jeopardy 

A game testing knowledge of the oceans and pollution created by From the Bow Seat.  Win more points by answering more questions. The Subtopics include:

  • The Ocean and You
  • Animals
  • Human Activities
  • Chemistry
  • Art & Pop Culture





Pollution Pictionary 

This educational game created by From the Bow Seat allows students to convey the meaning of ocean pollution as a term or concept through pictures. Drawing their representation of a concept allows for students to gain a deeper understanding of the issue. The game is meant to promote a broader discussion about ocean pollution.






Recycle City

Explore the cluttered Dumptown, where no one recycles. Start programs that encourage Dumptown's citizens and businesses to recycle and reduce waste. Each time you try out a new program, you can see immediately how the Dumptown landscape changes and how much waste is saved from going into landfill.  From the
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).





 Understanding Marine Debris - NOAA - Office of Response and Restoration, Marine Debris Program. 

Games and activities for kids of all ages to learn about marine debris.







Why is Hawaii’s Ocean Important?

This activity book teaches students the basics of protecting Hawaii's ocean and the animals that live in it. This book was produced by the Hawaii Coral Reef Initiative Research Program under the direction of NOAA's National Centers for Coastal Ocean Sciences in collaboration with the humpback whale sanctuary, University of Hawaii Sea Grant, the Waikiki Aquarium, and other partners.









Word games and puzzles - Ocean Crusaders

Ocean Crusaders free online education program is a resource available to teachers and parents world-wide, to download and present to their students/children.  It educates them of about the oceans, the creatures in them and the hazards they are facing with an emphasis on giving them ideas on what they can do in their every day lives
to make a difference.  The
greatest issue our oceans face is that the world is unaware of the problem we are causing.
The convenient plastic bag and plastic products are everywhere and no one thinks of where they are going. Downloadable
sheets ready for use.