Myths about Recycling and Bans

The Myth about the Recycling Solution - Plastic Pollution Coalition

Attorney/Activist Lisa Kaas Bolyle argues that for recycling to work, there needs to be infrastructure in place so that communities can handle the waste stream. Most of the world and many communities in our own nation have no capacity to recycle plastics at all.












4 Big Recycling Myths Tossed Out - Mother Jones 

Luke Whelan takes on some of the most current arguments raging about recycling.





Bag Ban Scam 

Know what the opponents of California’s ban the bag are saying.  By understanding their arguments, proponents of the bag bag can craft their strategy with greater effectiveness.






Plastic and the Great Recycling Swindle - Huffington Post

Attorney/Activist Lisa Kaas Boyle debunks myths about recycling as a positive option for the abundance of today’s plastic. 










Top 9 Myths about SB270: California’s Bag Ban - Heal the Bay 

Heal the Bay organization addresses questions about the bill to ban the use of single-use plastic bags in California. It identifies the myths and provides the facts to fight against plastic pollution.





Time - The History of Recycling in America Is More Complicated Than You May Think
"The idea that you threw stuff out when it wore out is a 20th century idea," says one historian.