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Stay up-to-date on the latest research, effective actions and opinion pieces from the movers and shakers in the fight against plastic pollution.






5 Gyres

Follow 5 Gyres expeditions, microbead campaigns, youth summits, ambassadors, and more through their posts.










Stay informed about Algalita’s research, education, youth summits, and action initiatives to keep the ocean free of plastic pollution.





Colleen Doyle - No Trash Project 

Colleen Doyle has been living a zero waste life since April 2011. She started this blog as a project to document her daily push to circumvent packaging, byproduct, and pollution.The goals of the project are:

  • To eliminate personal trash production by avoiding the purchase of anything in packaging.
  • To be informed about the lifecycle and environmental impact of the goods you consume.
  • To live simply and  keep only belongings that are essential to thrive.




Jean Gale - Make Do and Mend

Blogger and Campaigner from Warminster, UK

I want to spread the word that we don’t have to go through our lives mindlessly buying what the advertisers and big brands tell us we need and must have, feeling like we have no power to change the big issues that our society is facing.
We do have the power.
Being more aware, more conscious, of what we buy, where we buy, or even not buying and choosing to fix something instead. That’s power.
I want to empower all of us to believe that our choices matter.
To believe that we all have the power to gently shake the world and disrupt the status quo.
We are all change makers.






Jane Genovese - Learning Fundamentals  

Jane Genovese is the owner, coordinator and presenter of Learning Fundamentals, an organization that gives students the edge over their studies.

Jane gives workshops on memory techniques and general study strategies, exam preparation, managing stress and how to focus in the age of distraction.






Celine_Jennison__resized.pngCellne Jennison - Terrestrial and Oceanic Discoveries 


You can learn about Celine's adventures and misadventures in the field, get information about permaculture and agroforestry, find inspiration about plastic-free living, read stories about Plastic Tides expeditions, and lots more.  

And check out her other websites - Zero Waste Voyage and Plastic Tides





Kokua Hawaii Foundation 

The Kokua Hawai'i Foundation supports environmental education int he state's schools and communities. Its mission is to provide students with experiences that will enhance their appreciation for and understanding of their environment so they will be lifelong stewards of the earth.  The foundation supports hands-on learning activities that engage the senses and make lasting impressions on children's minds.






Kokua Hawaii Foundation - Plastic Free Commitment: Pack a Waste Free Lunch

In this blog series, read how to pack a “Waste Free Lunch”. Read about the waste generated by an average school going kid in America and how it impacts the environment. Learn how to reduce the waste, save money and be healthy all at once.






Lindsay Miles, Zero Waste Plastic Free Minimalism, Treading My Own Path 

Lindsay Miles is a writer, blogger, speaker,  workshop facilitator and community organizer who has a passion for ethical and sustainable living.  She is learning everything she can, sharing everything she learns and inspiring change! She's learned how to simplify, find “enough” and let go of the excess.








Monterey Bay Aquarium, The Future of the Ocean

The ocean sustains all life on Earth. From the air we breathe to the seafood we eat, our very survival depends on healthy seas. Today, more than 7 billion of us compete to share the ocean’s bounty, while climate change and its impact on the ocean threatens lives and livelihoods across the globe.

The Aquarium’s Conservation and Science programs are tackling some of the most critical issues affecting ocean health. We bring decades of expertise and relationships in ocean science, policy and markets to the task, and we’re using our voice as a trusted source of ocean information to make a difference globally – among policymakers, the business community and with individuals. 






The mission of MySafetyNest (MSN) is to become the 'go to' trusted source for every pregnant woman and her health provider to safeguard a baby's health against toxic chemical exposure.  Started by Alexandra Drestler, the site is being developed as a one-stop, personalized health education platform designed to transform prenatal care.  MSN equips health providers and every pregnant woman with a toolkit to reduce diseases linked to toxic chemical exposure.








Rylie Neely The Gift From Our Precursors Huffington Post, Jan 7, 2016

Be inspired by Rylie's account of the project she participated in with sixteen other Drake High School through a nonprofit called There Is No Away.  Their goal was to reduce single use plastics specifically plastic straws, in their town, San Anselmo, CA.. With more than 500 million straws used and thrown away in the U.S. alone everyday, the movement was inspired to cut the use of this unnecessary yet abundant item. The project was called Straws Upon Request. The students asked every restaurant in town to only provide straws to those who requested one, and in addition, to completely switch over to using paper straws.




Plastic Free July 

Stories of people’s Plastic Free July challenge including their trials and tribulations, wins and losses was well documented in the blogosphere with over 100 written by 2014.





Plastic Free Tuesday

Annemieke van den Dool, Founder of Plastic Free Tuesday, writes from Amsterdam, Netherlands

One day a week no plastic consumption and no plastic waste!

Plastic-Free Tuesday is a growing global movement. On Plastic-Free Tuesday we skip plastic to reduce our plastic footprint. That means we don’t buy anything that is made of plastic or contains plastic. We also don’t use anything made of plastic that we have to throw away after using it. So no bananas wrapped in plastic, no plastic bags, no take-away coffee in plastic cups and so on.

Plastic damages our health and our environment. In many instances, plastic is used once and then thrown away. Carrots,
bananas and other fruits and veggies are wrapped in plastic while they have a perfectly (edible) wrap already! To cut down on
plastic consumption, join Plastic-Free Tuesday. Click on About to read more.

Don't feed the plastic monster! 



 Jetsom & Flotsma by Rebecca Prince-Ruiz 

During 2015, Rebecca Prince-Ruiz investigated innovative programs for raising awareness, management and solutions to the plastic pollution problem as a fellow for the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust of Australia.  

These are her musings on plastic and other debris of modern life.






Erin Rhodes - The Rogue Ginger

Plastic-Free and Zero Waste Blogger from Melbourne, Australia 

Australia is one of the biggest waste producers in the world.  Erin writes about how we can help one another to use less plastic and reduce rubbish.  This space is where I share how I gave up plastic and reduced my rubbish, leading to a happier and healthier life. Through my pursuit to live plastic free and zero waste, I learnt to eat real food, discovered new skills, cut down my exposure to harmful chemicals, found joy in moments over things and simplified my life, while saving money.






Lauren Singer – Trash is for Tossers 

Lauren Singer is an Environmentalist and lives  a zero waste life in New York city. She has been living sustainably from the past one and half year.  Trash is for Tossers is her attempt. It will document her Zero Waste journey and show that leading a Zero Waste lifestyle is simple, cost-effective, timely, fun, & entirely possible for everyone and anyone.






Beth Terry - My Plastic-Free Life

Beth Terry is an accountant from Oakland, California. She is also an activist, author and public speaker fighting against Plastic pollution.  Her blog contains comprehensive resources on how to live plastic free and how to reduce our plastic footprint.






Women Working for the Ocean

Women Working for Oceans, in partnership with the renowned New England Aquarium, works to inform individuals about the challenges facing our oceans inspiring them to take action to ensure a healthy, sustainable blue planet for tomorrow.