Electronic Media for Youngsters

Eco Boys and Girls Visit the Ocean

The Eco Boys and Girls take a day trip to the ocean and learn about the ocean's ecosystem, the animals and their habitats. The characters take on the role of ocean patrollers to share areas of concern like apartment buildings erected too close to shore and trash accumulating on the beach.  Readers learn how to help take care, clean up and become a better ocean patroller. Interactive pages are woven into each book's storylines, giving children the opportunity to learn, while having fun.




Marine Missions - App from National Geographic Kids

The Marine Missions app was funded by the National Science Foundation-funded to spark interest in and curiosity about the ocean.  The app features a friendly hermit crab named Jacques who’s on a mission to clean up the ocean.  The young explorer/user and Jacques will explore the world’s map, encountering special water current challenges as they travel to different cleanup spots.  Players can also design their own animals in the Creature Builder, where they will assemble real-world ocean animal parts to make a unique creation. For Ages 4 - 6







StormDrain Goalie - iPad App

CGEE’s first iPad app, StormDrain Goalie (SDG), introduces impacts of surface water pollution through a fun interactive game. Users are challenged during time-limited interactions to keep common pollutants out of a storm drain while allowing untainted water droplets to enter the drain. The app keeps score and provides feedback about your success and provides information about ways to reduce runoff pollution in the real world.  Free from the iTunes store.