Behavior Change & Resuables

The core focus of Plastic Pollution Coalition's theory of change is on behavior change: individuals, businesses, and corporations making the switch away from single-use plastic toward a reusable infrastructure.

When individuals make choices to use their own bottle, bag, plate, and fork, worldwide perception of single-use plastic as "good" and "clean" begins to change. As businesses across the globe make the shift to reusable or non-plastic supplies and products, employees and clients will think differently about their own supplies and their own lives. When corporations shift away from packaging in plastic bottles and toward refillable and reusable systems, meaningful demand for plastic as a form of single-use packaging begins to shift, changing the power dynamic in the market.

Each choice and each step leads to a larger whole and bigger impact, around the world. Through the REFUSE Campaign, the Plastic Free Guides project, and clear case studies - together with the work of its member organizations - PPC is a leading voice on providing individuals and businesses with a clear road map for how to make these changes. We make change reasonable, accessible, and affordable for all individuals and businesses, to better achieve our vision of a world free from plastic pollution.

Many tactics can be used to influence individuals' behavior. For instance, many coffee shops and to-go restaurants give small discounts for customers bringing reusable containers with them. But what if we charged people for all to-go cups or containers? In Washington, DC, charging for plastic bags significantly decreased their appearance in the Anacostia River. Cups and other food containers could go the same way. Starbucks and other companies are already starting to test the switch to a fee on to-go.

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