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Monterey_Bay_aquarium_logo_resized.jpgMonterey Bay Aquarium - Breaking Down: The Problem with Plastic Pollution

This six-part series covers the impacts of plastic pollution—from its threat to humans and wildlife to how the issue has energized young people and policymakers.

Plastics, Part 1: Get the scoop on why plastic is a problem, and plastic bags in particular.

Plastics, Part 2: Learn about plastic pollution's lasting impact on the ocean and wildlife.

Plastics, Part 3: We know plastic is abundant in the ocean—but is it in our seafood?

Plastics, Part 4: Hear how plastic pollution affects Latino communities.

Plastics, Parte 4 en español: Escucha como la contaminación por plásticos está afectando las comunidades Latinas.

Plastics, Part 5: Find out how young people are taking on plastic pollution—and winning.

Plastics, Part 6: Learn how California can lead the nation on the issue of plastic bags.   






Chemical_Footprinting_resized.jpgWebinar: The Power of Chemical Footprinting
Mark Rossi, Tim Greiner, Eric Selner, June 6, 2017 

Explore the value of calculating the chemical footprint by hearing how one company took this on for the first time,
from the Pure Strategies’ report, The Power of Chemical Footprinting. 

Radio Flyer shares their experience and, along with their research partner, Pure Strategies, provides tips and insight
on how to get the most value and progress from this effort and the Chemical Footprint Project, to drive toward safer materials.