Pod cast series


Monterey Bay Aquarium - Breaking Down: The Problem with Plastic Pollution

This six-part series covers the impacts of plastic pollution—from its threat to humans and wildlife to how the issue has energized young people and policymakers.

Plastics, Part 1: Get the scoop on why plastic is a problem, and plastic bags in particular.
Plastics, Part 2: Learn about plastic pollution's lasting impact on the ocean and wildlife.
Plastics, Part 3: We know plastic is abundant in the ocean—but is it in our seafood?
Plastics, Part 4: Hear how plastic pollution affects Latino communities.
Plastics, Parte 4 en español: Escucha como la contaminación por plásticos está afectando las comunidades Latinas.
Plastics, Part 5: Find out how young people are taking on plastic pollution—and winning.
Plastics, Part 6: Learn how California can lead the nation on the issue of plastic bags.